Queen's Birthday in Australia in 2024

Queen's Birthday in Australia in 2024
  How long until Queen's Birthday?
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  Dates of Queen's Birthday in Australia
2022 Jun 13, Oct 3
QueenslandMon, Oct 3Regional Holiday
ACTMon, Jun 13Regional Holiday
New South WalesMon, Jun 13Regional Holiday
Northern TerritoryMon, Jun 13Regional Holiday
South AustraliaMon, Jun 13Regional Holiday
TasmaniaMon, Jun 13Regional Holiday
VictoriaMon, Jun 13Regional Holiday
2021 Jun 14, Sep 27, Oct 4
QueenslandMon, Oct 4Regional Holiday
Western AustraliaMon, Sep 27Regional Holiday
ACTMon, Jun 14Regional Holiday
New South WalesMon, Jun 14Regional Holiday
Northern TerritoryMon, Jun 14Regional Holiday
South AustraliaMon, Jun 14Regional Holiday
TasmaniaMon, Jun 14Regional Holiday
VictoriaMon, Jun 14Regional Holiday
2020 Jun 8, Sep 28, Oct 5
QueenslandMon, Oct 5Regional Holiday
Western AustraliaMon, Sep 28Regional Holiday
ACTMon, Jun 8Regional Holiday
New South WalesMon, Jun 8Regional Holiday
Northern TerritoryMon, Jun 8Regional Holiday
South AustraliaMon, Jun 8Regional Holiday
TasmaniaMon, Jun 8Regional Holiday
VictoriaMon, Jun 8Regional Holiday
2019 Jun 10, Sep 30, Oct 7
QueenslandMon, Oct 7Regional Holiday
Western AustraliaMon, Sep 30Regional Holiday
ACTMon, Jun 10Regional Holiday
New South WalesMon, Jun 10Regional Holiday
Northern TerritoryMon, Jun 10Regional Holiday
South AustraliaMon, Jun 10Regional Holiday
TasmaniaMon, Jun 10Regional Holiday
VictoriaMon, Jun 10Regional Holiday
2018 Jun 11, Sep 24, Oct 1
QueenslandMon, Oct 1Regional Holiday
Western AustraliaMon, Sep 24Regional Holiday
ACTMon, Jun 11Regional Holiday
New South WalesMon, Jun 11Regional Holiday
Northern TerritoryMon, Jun 11Regional Holiday
South AustraliaMon, Jun 11Regional Holiday
TasmaniaMon, Jun 11Regional Holiday
VictoriaMon, Jun 11Regional Holiday

This holiday is a moveable feast celebrating the birthday of the sovereign of Australia.

When is the Queen's Birthday in Australia?

The Queen's Birthday holiday was a moveable feast celebrating the birthday of Queen Elizabeth II who was not only Queen of Great Britain but also Queen of Australia, New Zealand and 13 of the 50 other countries in the Commonwealth. 

The holiday traditionally marks the start of the Australian ski season.

On this day, businesses will generally be closed. Shops may open but observe restricted trading hours. Transport may operate on a Saturday or reduced timetable.

In Queensland, this holiday is observed on the first Monday in October since 2016.

In Western Australia, the Queen's Birthday holiday is celebrated in either late September or early October. The date is decided by the state governor.

History of the Queen's Birthday

The Queen's actual birthday is neither in June nor October but in April. The official birthday is in June to increase the chance of good weather for the celebrations in the UK, not to help the Australian ski industry. It is not a public holiday in the UK.

Since 1748, the monarch's official birthday has been marked by an outdoor parade known as Trooping the Colour which was usually held on the king or queen's actual birthday. Edward VII, who reigned from 1901 to 1910, was born in November. Instead of making the troops parade on a cold and dark November morning, the tradition began of celebrating his birthday officially in May or June as there was less chance of it being chilly and drizzly during the event. This tradition was then carried on by subsequent monarchs.

Elizabeth Alexandra Mary of the House of Windsor was born on April 21st, 1926.

In 1952, after the death of her father, King George VI, Elizabeth succeeded to the throne and was known thereafter as Queen Elizabeth II.

Queen Elizabeth II continues to reign as Queen of Australia after a referendum in 1999 which resulted in the retention of Australia's constitutional monarchy.

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