Holiday Guide for Netherlands in 2021

Netherlands 2021

Netherlands information

Population: 17.44m
Capital: Amsterdam
Calling Code: (31)
Time Zone: +1 UTC
Currency: Euro
Language: Dutch

List of National Holidays in Netherlands in 2021

New Year's Day

 Long Weekend! 
New Year's Day (Nieuwjaarsdag)

Netherlands: New Year's Day is a public holiday in all countries that observe the Gregorian calendar, with the exception of Israel

Easter Day

Easter Day (Eerste Paasdag)

Netherlands: Easter Sunday is the most important date in the Christian church. In the bible, it is the day when Mary Magdalene found that an empty tomb in the cave in which Jesus had been placed.

Easter Monday

 Long Weekend! 
Easter Monday (Tweede Paasdag)

Netherlands: Easter is probably the most important holiday of the Christian year, celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus

King's Birthday

King's Birthday (Koningsdag)

Netherlands: Officially commemorates the birthday of King Willem-Alexander who was born on 27 April 1967.

Ascension Day

Ascension Day (Hemelvaartsdag)

Netherlands: This day observes the departure of Jesus from earth after his resurrection. It is perhaps the earliest observed celebration in Christianity.

Pentecost Sunday

Pentecost Sunday (Eerste Pinkstersdag)

Netherlands: Celebrates the gift of the Holy Spirit. It is celebrated on the seventh Sunday after Easter

Whit Monday

 Long Weekend! 
Whit Monday (Tweede Pinksterdag)

Netherlands: Commemorates the coming of the Holy Spirit in the form of flames to the Apostles.

Christmas Day

Christmas Day (Eerste Kerstdag)

Netherlands: Christmas celebrates the Nativity of Jesus which according to tradition took place on December 25th 1 BC

St. Stephen's Day

St. Stephen's Day (Tweede Kerstdag)

Netherlands: December 26th is the Feast of St. Stephen in Western Christianity. It is observed as a second day of Christmas holidays in several countries.


  • The Netherlands has two World War II Remembrance Days. Neither are annual official holidays, though some establishments may close.
  • According to Article 58 ABU CAO for temporary workers, there are eight recognised public holidays in the Netherlands.