Facts about Saint Stephen's Day

St. Stephen's Day is celebrated in Hungary on August 20th each year. It is also known as Foundation Day, Constitution Day and the 'Day Of The New Bread'.

To mark the day, here are 16 interesting facts about Saint Stephen's Day.

Hungarians refer to themselves and their language as Magyar, a descendant of the language spoken by the Huns. Saint Stephen's Day Facts

Hungary is one of the oldest countries in Europe. It was founded in A.D. 896, before France, Germany, or England. Saint Stephen's Day Facts

The word "coach" derives from the name of the Hungarian town Kocs, where the vehicle first appeared around 1500. Saint Stephen's Day Facts

Budapest is home to the oldest metro line in continental Europe. Saint Stephen's Day Facts

Hungarian soccer star Ferenc Puskás holds the record for the number of goals scored in a World Cup final. Saint Stephen's Day Facts

Paprika, Hungary’s most popular spice, is made out of peppers... which refuse to grow anywhere other than Hungary. Saint Stephen's Day Facts

Paprika has more vitamin C than citrus fruits. Saint Stephen's Day Facts

Hungary’s national dish is goulash. It is a stew made out of potatoes, beef, pork, and paprika. When sour cream is added, it is called paprikash. Saint Stephen's Day Facts

The world’s largest geothermal cave system is located underneath Budapest. Saint Stephen's Day Facts

Hungarians broke the Guinness World Record for simultaneous kissing when more than 6,400 couples locked lips outside Budapest’s parliament building in 2007. Saint Stephen's Day Facts

The term in Hungarian for hangover is macskajaj (cat’s wail) Saint Stephen's Day Facts

Escapologist Harry Houdini was born Erich Weisz in Budapest in 1874. Saint Stephen's Day Facts

Budapest didn't exist until 1873 when three separate cities, Pest, Buda, and Óbuda combined to make one city. Saint Stephen's Day Facts

Wine has been produced in Hungary since the 5th century A.D. In 1737, King Karoly named the Tokaj wine region a national wine area, making it the world’s first official wine region, almost 120 years before France’s Bordeaux. Saint Stephen's Day Facts

To mark the National Day, the National Confederate of Hungarian Confectioner sponsors an annual contest to choose "Hungary's Birthday Cake". Saint Stephen's Day Facts

Hungarians never clink their glasses, or bottles, of beer. According to legend, when 13 Hungarians generals were executed in Austria, during the Revolution of 1848, Austrians clinked their beer glasses after each execution. Therefore, Hungarians refuse to clink glasses as a way to honour the generals’ memory. Saint Stephen's Day Facts
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