Facts about Hispanic Day

On October 12th, the national holiday of Spain commemorates the exact date when Christopher Columbus first set foot in the Americas in 1492.

To mark the day, here are 10 interesting facts about Hispanic Day.

The official name of the country is The Kingdom of Spain. Hispanic Day Facts

The Spanish national anthem has no words. Hispanic Day Facts

The world’s oldest existing lighthouse is the Tower of Hercules in Spain. It was erected in the first century. It is still operational today. Hispanic Day Facts

Spaniards spend more on food per capita than anyone else in Europe. Hispanic Day Facts

The first modern novel, "Don Quixote" was written by the Spaniard Cervantes in 1605. Hispanic Day Facts

Spain once ruled 21 countries that are independent today. Hispanic Day Facts

During the New Year, Spaniards typically eat twelve grapes as the bell rings at midnight on December 31st. Some believe that this leads to a year of prosperity while others say that the tradition wards away witches and general evil. Hispanic Day Facts

The youngest king in history was Alfonso XIII of Spain. He became the king the day he was born. Hispanic Day Facts

Guinness World Records awards the title of oldest restaurant in the world to El Restaurante Botín in Madrid, which first opened its doors in 1725. Hispanic Day Facts

According to records, the first known stapler was made in the 18th century in the Basque country for the French King Louis XV. Hispanic Day Facts
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