Public Holidays in Vatican City in 2019

Vatican City Upcoming Holidays in Vatican City

Saints Peter and Paul
Saints Peter and Paul

29 June 2019 This National holiday is in 40 days. The day commemorates the martyrdom of two saints, the two great Apostles, Saint Peter a...

Vigil of Assumption Day
Vigil of Assumption Day

14 August 2019 This National holiday is in 86 days. Historically a day of fasting and abstinence in Vatican City

Assumption Day
Assumption Day

15 August 2019 This National holiday is in 87 days. The Feast of the Assumption is the principal feast of the Blessed Virgin

Vatican City List of national public holidays of Vatican City in 2019

Day Date Holiday Comments
Tuesday January 01 Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God
Sunday January 06 Epiphany
Monday February 11 Lateran Treaty Day National Day
Wednesday March 13 Anniversary of the election of Pope Francis
Tuesday March 19 Saint Joseph's Day
Monday April 22 Easter Monday
Tuesday April 23 Saint George's Day
Wednesday May 01 Saint Joseph the Worker
Saturday June 29 Saints Peter and Paul
Wednesday August 14 Vigil of Assumption Day
Thursday August 15 Assumption Day
Friday November 01 All Saints' Day
Sunday December 08 Immaculate Conception Day
Wednesday December 25 Christmas Day
Thursday December 26 Saint Stephen's Day


National Holiday


  • All Sundays are public holidays

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