Public Holidays in Slovenia in 2018

Slovenia Upcoming Public Holidays in Slovenia

Reformation Day
Reformation Day

31 October 2018 This National holiday is in 12 days. Commemorates the day in 1517 when Martin Luther nailed his 95 'these' to the do...

All Saints' Day
All Saints' Day

1 November 2018 This National holiday is in 13 days. Pope Boniface IV dedicated the day as a holiday to honour the Blessed Virgin Mary and a...

Christmas Day
Christmas Day

25 December 2018 This National holiday is in 67 days. The day celebrates the Nativity of Jesus, the date which according to tradition took pl...

Slovenia List of National Public holidays of Slovenia in 2018

Day Date Holiday Comments
Monday January 01 New Year's Day State holiday
Tuesday January 02 Day after New Years Day
Thursday February 08 Preseren Day Day of Slovenian Culture. State holiday
Monday April 02 Easter Monday Monday after Easter Sunday. Work-free day
Friday April 27 Resistance Day Previously known as Liberation Front Day. State holiday
Tuesday May 01 May Day State holiday
Wednesday May 02 May Day Holiday
Monday June 25 Statehood Day Commemorates independence from Yugoslavia in 1991. State holiday
Wednesday August 15 Assumption Day Work-free day
Wednesday October 31 Reformation Day State holiday
Thursday November 01 All Saints' Day State holiday
Tuesday December 25 Christmas Day Work-free day
Wednesday December 26 Independence and Unity Day State holiday


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