Statehood Day in Slovenia in 2021

Statehood Day in Slovenia in 2021

  How long until Statehood Day?
Statehood Day
  Dates of Statehood Day in Slovenia
2022 Slovenia Sat, Jun 25 National Holiday
2021 Slovenia Fri, Jun 25 National Holiday
2020 Slovenia Thu, Jun 25 National Holiday
2019 Slovenia Tue, Jun 25 National Holiday
2018 Slovenia Mon, Jun 25 National Holiday

Commemorates Slovenia's declaration of independence from Yugoslavia on 25 June 1991

  Local name
Dan državnosti
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When is Statehood Day?

This state holiday is always celebrated on June 25th. In Slovenian, it is known as 'Dan državnosti'.

This holiday is Slovenia's national day and commemorates Slovenia's declaration of independence from Yugoslavia on June 25th 1991.

History of Statehood Day

Historically part of the Austria-Hungarian Empire until its collapse at the end of World War I, Slovenia was one of the six republics that formed Yugoslavia.

In December 1990, the Slovenian independence referendum had resulted in a 94.8% vote in favour of establishing an independent Slovenia.

The formal declaration of independence was on June 26th 1991, but since many of the legislation relating to independence was passed on June 25th, it is this date that is remembered and celebrated on Statehood Day.

The proclamation started the Ten-Day war with Yugoslavia, which resulted in victory for Slovenia.

Croatia also celebrates Statehood day on the same day, as it was also a state created from the dissolution of Yugoslavia.

Supermarkets and many stores will be closed today.

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