Public Holidays in Estonia in 2016

Estonia Upcoming Holidays in Estonia

Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve

24 December 2016 This National holiday is in 17 days. Marks the culmination of the Advent period before Christmas that started on the fourth ...

Christmas Day
Christmas Day

25 December 2016 This National holiday is in 18 days. The day celebrates the Nativity of Jesus which (traditionally, but unlikely in reality)...

Boxing Day
Boxing Day

26 December 2016 This National holiday is in 19 days. The second day of Christmas is known as Boxing Day or St. Stephens Day. St Stephen was...

Estonia List of national public holidays of Estonia in 2016

Day Date Holiday Comments
Friday January 01 Jan 1 New Years Day
Wednesday February 24 Feb 24 Independence Day Marks the declaration of independence from the Germans near the end of World War I
Friday March 25 Mar 25 Good Friday Friday before Easter Sunday
Sunday May 01 May 1 Spring Day
Sunday May 08 May 8 Mother's Day 2nd Sunday in May. Not a public holiday
Thursday June 23 Jun 23 Victory Day Marks the contributions of all Estonians in their fight to regain and retain their independence
Friday June 24 Jun 24 St. John's Day Midsummer Day
Saturday August 20 Aug 20 Independence Restoration Day In 1991 Estonia re-established independence after the end of the Soviet Union
Saturday October 15 Oct 15 Ethnicity day Third Saturday in October
Sunday November 13 Nov 13 Father's Day 2nd Sunday in November. Not a public holiday
Saturday December 24 Dec 24 Christmas Eve
Sunday December 25 Dec 25 Christmas Day
Monday December 26 Dec 26 Boxing Day Celebrated on 26th December. Typically it will be moved and celebrated on the next weekday if 26 December is a Saturday or Sunday


National Holiday Not a Public Holiday


  • Holidays are observed on their calendar date. If the date of a holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, then the holiday will not be moved to a weekday.

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