Independence Restoration Day in Estonia in 2022

Independence Restoration Day in Estonia in 2022

  How long until Independence Restoration Day?
Independence Restoration Day
  Dates of Independence Restoration Day in Estonia
2023 Estonia Sun, Aug 20 National Holiday
2022 Estonia Sat, Aug 20 National Holiday
2021 Estonia Fri, Aug 20 National Holiday
2020 Estonia Thu, Aug 20 National Holiday
2019 Estonia Tue, Aug 20 National Holiday

In 1991 Estonia re-established independence after the end of the Soviet Union

When is Restoration of Independence Day?

Known in Estonian as 'Tasiseseisvumispäev', this public holiday is always celebrated on August 20th.

History of Restoration of Independence Day

Following the growth of a strong independence movement in the late 1980s, Estonia officially declared its independence from the former Soviet Republic on August 20th 1991.

On August 20th 1991, there was an attempted coup in Moscow by hard-line Communist Party members. Russian troops had arrived in Tallinn to support the coup but Estonian volunteers organised protection of the television broadcast tower, so that TV channels couldn't be taken over by the hardliners. Later that evening, the Estonian government proclaimed the restoration of Estonian independence.

By September 6th 1991, independence had been formally recognised by the former Soviet Union.

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