Western Australia Day

Western Australia Public Holiday observed in Western Australia

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When is Western Australia Day?

Year Weekday Date
2018 Monday June 4th
2017 Monday June 5th
2016 Monday June 6th
2015 Monday June 1st
2014 Monday June 2nd
2013 Monday June 3rd

This Australian regional holiday is celebrated on the first Monday in June.

Western Australia Day used to be known as Foundation Day and commemorates the day that the first European settlers arrived in Western Australia to found the Swan River Colony on 1 June 1829.

History of WA Day

Though the first Europeans to arrive in the region had been Dutch, the western part of Australia had been claimed for Britain on 2 May 1829 by Captain Fremantle.

The merchant vessel Parmelia with civilian settlers on board arrived on the night of 31 May 1829 and sighted the coast on 1 June. The Swan River Colony was officially proclaimed on 11 June.

In 1832, Admiral Sir James Stirling, the administrator of Western Australia decided to establish an annual celebration to unite the new colony's inhabitants, including all settlers and Aborigines.

He choose 1 June each year (or if a Sunday, on the following Monday), the date of the first sighting. The holiday originally called 'Foundation of the Colony Day', and later became simply 'Foundation Day'.

In 2012, the name was changed to Western Australia Day to be more inclusive of all inhabitants of Western Australia.

Because of the celebration of Western Australia Day, Western Australia does not celebrate the Queen's Birthday Holiday in June, as do the other Australian states.

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