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National Days around the world in the next thirty days

MondayJun 25 Country Croatia Statehood Day: Marks the declaration of independence from Yugoslavia in 1991
MondayJun 25 Country Mozambique Independence Day: Independence from Portugal 1975
MondayJun 25 Country Slovenia Statehood Day: Commemorates independence from Yugoslavia in 1991
TuesdayJun 26 Country Madagascar Independence Day: Marks independence from France in 1960 after 64 years of colonial rule.
WednesdayJun 27 Country Djibouti National Day: Independence from France in 1977 after the third referendum on independence
FridayJun 29 Country Seychelles National Day: On 29 June 1976, the Seychelles became a republic within the Commonwealth
SaturdayJun 30 Country Democratic Republic of Congo Independence Day: Independence from Belgium in 1960


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