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MondayApr 23 Country England St George's Day: St George is the patron saint of England, not a bank holiday
FridayApr 27 Country Netherlands Kings Birthday: Marks the birthday of King Willem Alexander.
FridayApr 27 Country Sierra Leone Independence Day: Marks independence from the UK on 27 April 1961
FridayApr 27 Country South Africa Freedom Day: South Africa's first democratic general election in 1994
FridayApr 27 Country Togo Independence Day: Independence from the French-administered UN trusteeship in 1960
SaturdayApr 28 Country Sardinia, Italy Sardinia's Day: Sa die de sa Sardinia (Sardinia's Day) celebrating the uprising of 28 April 1794
TuesdayMay 01 Country Marshall Islands Constitution Day: Celebrates self governance and adoption of the constitution in 1979
ThursdayMay 03 Country Poland Constitution Day: Swieto Konstytucji 3 Maja, Constitution Day, 1791
TuesdayMay 15 Country Paraguay Independence Day: Two day holiday. Día de Independencia. declaration of independence from Spain in 1811
ThursdayMay 17 Country Norway Constitution Day: The signing of the first Norwegian Constitution in Eidsvoll 1814
SundayMay 20 Country Cameroon National Day: Creation of a unitary state in 1972
SundayMay 20 Country East Timor Proclamation of Independence day: Independence from Indonesia in 2002
TuesdayMay 22 Country Martinique Abolition of slavery day: Abolition of slavery day
TuesdayMay 22 Country Yemen National Day: North and South Yemen are unified as the Republic of Yemen 1990


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