Unity Day in Zimbabwe in 2019

Unity Day in Zimbabwe in 2019
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  How long until Unity Day?
This holiday next takes place in 41 days.
  Dates of Unity Day in Zimbabwe
2021 Zimbabwe Wed, Dec 22 National Holiday
2020 Zimbabwe Tue, Dec 22 National Holiday
2019 Zimbabwe Sun, Dec 22 National Holiday
2018 Zimbabwe Sat, Dec 22 National Holiday
2017 Zimbabwe Fri, Dec 22 National Holiday
Celebrates the merger of the two political parties, Zanu PF and PF Zapu in 1987

When is National Unity Day?

National Unity Day is a public holiday in Zimbabwe and is observed on 22nd December.

This day commemorates the merger of two political parties, Zanu PF and PF Zapu on 22 December 1987.

History of National Unity Day

In the 1960s, two main nationalist political groups emerged in Rhodesia wanting an end to the minority-led white rule. The Zimbabwe African People's Union (ZAPU) and the Zimbabwe African National Union (ZANU) formed a political and military alliance.

After gaining independence in 1980, ZANU became the ruling party.

Ethic and political differences between ZANU and ZAPU led to violence and civil unrest and a series of massacres known as 'Gukurahundi', which claimed 20,000 lives between 1983 and 1987.

To stem the violence, ZANU leader Robert Mugabe and ZAPU leader Joshua Nkomo signed the Unity Accord on 22 December 1987. The Unity Accord formed a single united nationalist political party under the name Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front (Zanu PF). The accord ushered in an end to all hostilities by 1990.

National Unity Day has been a public holiday since 1997 as a day to reflect on efforts towards peace and reconciliation in Zimbabwe.

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