Defence Forces Day in Zimbabwe in 2023

Defence Forces Day in Zimbabwe in 2023

  How long until Defence Forces Day?
Defence Forces Day
  Dates of Defence Forces Day in Zimbabwe
2024 Zimbabwe Tue, Aug 13 National Holiday
2023 Zimbabwe Tue, Aug 15 National Holiday
2022 Zimbabwe Tue, Aug 9 National Holiday
2021 Zimbabwe Tue, Aug 10 National Holiday
2020 Zimbabwe Tue, Aug 11 National Holiday

A day to honour Zimbabwe's armed forces and the role they play in defending the nation.

About Defence Forces Day

This national public holiday in Zimbabwe is celebrated on the Tuesday after Heroes' Day, which is celebrated on the second Monday in August.

On this day Zimbabweans celebrate the dedication of the country’s uniformed forces and their commitment to protecting national sovereignty, upholding justice and maintaining law and order.

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