September Revolution Day in Yemen in 2024

September Revolution Day in Yemen in 2024
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  How long until September Revolution Day?
September Revolution Day
  Dates of September Revolution Day in Yemen
2025 Yemen Fri, Sep 26 National Holiday
2024 Yemen Thu, Sep 26 National Holiday
2023 Yemen Tue, Sep 26 National Holiday
2022 Yemen Mon, Sep 26 National Holiday
2021 Yemen Sun, Sep 26 National Holiday

Marks the overthrow of the monarchy of Imam Muhammad al-Badr on September 26th 1962

When is September Revolution Day?

September Revolution Day is a public holiday in Yemen observed on September 26th each year.

The holiday commemorates the overthrow of the Imam Muhammad al-Badr on this day in 1962, which led to the creation of the Yemen Arab Republic.

History of September Revolution Day

Since antiquity, the region of modern-day Yemen has been an important strategic and commercial location, effectively forming a long land bridge between North Africa and Asia.

When the Ottoman Empire collapsed in 1918, Imam Yahya Muhammad declared northern Yemen an independent sovereign state and proclaimed the Mutawakkilite Kingdom of Yemen in 1926. A King and an Imam, Yaha ruled Yemen until his death in 1948, when he was succeeded by Ahmad bin Yahya

On September 19th 1962 Ahmad died in his sleep. His son, Muhammad al-Badr was proclaimed Imam and King.

From its inception, the kingdom had proved unstable with various revolts and assassinations taking place and Al-Badr's reign would prove very short-lived.

Only a week after he ascended to the throne, army officers with the support of Egypt, staged a coup overthrowing the monarchy and deposing al-Badr on September 26th 1962. Abdullah as-Sallal, the commander of the royal guard, declared himself president of the Yemen Arab Republic. This event marked the start of the North Yemen Civil War which would last for the next six years.

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