Virgin of Coromoto in Venezuela in 2024

Virgin of Coromoto in Venezuela in 2024
  How long until Virgin of Coromoto?
Virgin of Coromoto
  Dates of Virgin of Coromoto in Venezuela
2025 Venezuela Tue, Sep 16 Not A Public Holiday
2024 Venezuela Mon, Sep 16 Not A Public Holiday
2023 Venezuela Mon, Sep 11 Not A Public Holiday
2022 Venezuela Mon, Sep 12 Not A Public Holiday
2021 Venezuela Mon, Sep 13 Not A Public Holiday

Commemorates the appearance of the Virgin Mary to local indigenous tribes near Guanare in the 16th century.

  Local name
Dia de la Virgen de Coromoto

When is Virgin of Coromoto?

This bank holiday in Venezuela is observed on the Monday on or after September 11th.

On this day in Venezuela, there is no activity in the entire financial system, including insurance companies and the stock market. There will be normal service on ATMs and electronic banking networks, as well as the payment system method.

About Virgin of Coromoto

Our Lady of Coromoto is a small painting of the Virgin Mary. It is said to have appeared in the hut of a local tribal chief, whose tribe were resisting attempts to convert them to Christianity in the late 16th century.

The relic of the Virgin of Coromoto is 27mm (10.5") high and 22mm (8.5") wide and is made of a parchment-like material. The Virgin Mary is depicted sitting and holding the Infant Jesus in her lap.

The mother and son look straight ahead with crowns on their heads. Two columns joined together by an arch form the back of the throne that supports them. 

Our Lady of Coromoto became the Patroness of Venezuela on May 1st 1942. The canonical coronation took place on September 11th 1952 marking three centuries since the apparition

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