Independence Day in Venezuela 2019

Public Holiday in Venezuela

Independence Day is a national holiday in Venezuela. It is observed on the 5 July.

When is Independence Day in Venezuela?

How long until Independence Day?
This holiday next takes place in 46 Days.
Dates of Independence Day
Year Weekday Date
2020 Sunday
2019 Friday
2018 Thursday
2017 Wednesday
2016 Tuesday
2015 Sunday
1 Day
Local name
Diade Independencia
Signing of the 1811 Venezuelan Declaration of Independence marking the first independent nation of South America, also Armed Forces Day
Related Holiday
Independence Declaration Day

Independence Day is a public holiday in Venezuela. It is observed on 5th July.

Known in Spanish as 'Diade Independencia' or 'Cinco de julio', this day is the National Day of Venezuela and commemorates the signing of the 1811 Venezuelan Declaration of Independence.

History of Independence Day in Venezuela

The long revolutionary road to the end of European rule of Latin America began in Venezuela on 5 July 1811. Rebelling against high taxes and a lack of self-rule, Venezuelan colonists led by Fransisco de Miranda took advantage of Napoleon's invasion of Spain and declared independence from Spain.

The Spanish resisted the movement for independence and the revolution was quashed in 1812. However, this first declaration of independence proved to be the spark for a nationalist movement that would result in independence under the leadership of Simon Bolivar in 1821.

By the start of the twentieth century, the fervour for independence had spread across the Americas. Today, the French overseas department of Guiana is the only remaining territory under European political control in the region.

This day is also celebrated as Armed Forces Day in Venezuela.

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