Public Holiday in Vanuatu in 2021

Public Holiday in Vanuatu in 2021
Sunset on Vanuatu. Image via Pixabay

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Public Holiday
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2021 Vanuatu Wed, May 12 Public Holiday

A public holiday has been declared to allow voters to participate in the provincial government elections.

Polling day for the provincial government councils, scheduled to take place on Wednesday May 12th 2021 has been declared a public holiday in four out of six of Vanuatu's provinces.

The order No. 32 of 2021, was signed by the Electoral Commission, on April 6th 2021, in accordance with the Public Holidays Act [CAP 114]. It became effective on the day it was made.

This public holiday is only for eligible voters who are registered within the PENAMA, MALAMPA, SHEFA and TAFEA provinces.

On this particular day, members of the Provincial Government Councils will be elected.

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