Chiefs Day in Vanuatu in 2025

Chiefs Day in Vanuatu in 2025
  How long until Chiefs Day?
Chiefs Day
  Dates of Chiefs Day in Vanuatu
2025 Vanuatu Wed, Mar 5 Public Holiday
2024 Vanuatu Tue, Mar 5 Public Holiday
2023 Vanuatu Sun, Mar 5 Public Holiday
2022 Vanuatu Sat, Mar 5 Public Holiday
2021 Vanuatu Fri, Mar 5 Public Holiday

A day to commemorate and preserve the traditional customs observed on many islands

When is Chiefs Day?

Custom Chiefs Day is a public holiday in the Republic of Vanuatu on March 5th each year.

This is a day to commemorate and preserve the traditional tribal customs observed on many islands.

History of Chiefs Day

Vanuatu is an archipelago of over 80 islands in the South Pacific Ocean. Many of these islands have resisted European and Western influences and still live according to traditional customs. This includes a system where the tribes are still ruled by chiefs.

Though the customs may differ from island to island, the chief is recognized as the uppermost figure in a community.

 In 1977 a National Council of Chiefs (Malvatu Mauri) was set up by the government to advise and propose ways to ensure the preservation of traditional ways of life through Vanuatu. One outcome was the establishment of this public holiday on March 5th to recognize the commitment and prominent role of the chiefs.

On this day, almost all the islands in Vanuatu will mark the day with local food, traditional singing and dances.

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