Vaccination Campaign around the world in 2022

Vaccination Campaign around the world in 2022
Lefaga Beach, Samoa. Image via Deposit Photos

  How long until Vaccination Campaign?
There are no upcoming dates for this event
  Dates of Vaccination Campaign around the world
2021 SamoaSep 23, Sep 24
Samoa Fri, Sep 24Not A Public Holiday
Samoa Thu, Sep 23Not A Public Holiday

Non-working days in Samoa for the vaccination campaign.

The Samoan Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Labour, in a public notice signed by the Chief Executive Officer, Pttlotu Lупdоп Chu Liпg, has announced that on Thursday and Friday, September 23 and 24, 2021, all the public, state-owned, enterprises and the private sector businesses will shut down for the upcoming vaccination campaign.

The aforementioned announcement by the Matagaluega о Pisinisi, Alamanuia ma Leipa (MCIL), states that "In accordance with FK 21(36) and pursuant to Article 106 of the Constitution of the Independent State of State of Samoa, the public, state-owned enterprises, and the private sector are hereby advised that all businesses will shut down on the below dates and time" but goes on to specify that "Please be advised that the two days of closure is NOT treated as a Public Holiday".

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