Public Holiday in West Virginia in 2024

Public Holiday in West Virginia in 2024
Grist Mill, Babcock State Park, West Virginia. Image by David Frampton , via Pixabay
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2023 Wed, Nov 22Government Holiday

West Virginia will observe a half-day state holiday on the day before Thanksgiving.

Gov. Jim Justice has issued a proclamation, declaring Wednesday November 22nd 2023, as a half-day state holiday for public employees

"Recognizing the unwavering commitment and hard work of our state's public employees over the past year, and embracing the Thanksgiving spirit of gratitude, it's fitting to grant our dedicated public servants a well-deserved half-day break," Governor Justice said. "This offers them the opportunity to enjoy extra time with their families and extend their Thanksgiving festivities. I wholeheartedly appreciate their exceptional contributions every day, and this gesture serves as a humble token of my gratitude."

Both Thursday November 23rd and Friday November 24th, are also full-day state holidays for public employees. 

In West Virginia, the day after Thanksgiving Day is celebrated as Lincoln’s Day. This recognition honors President Abraham Lincoln, who played a pivotal role in West Virginia's statehood during a tumultuous period of the Civil War. Lincoln's influence not only enabled West Virginia's statehood but also shaped Thanksgiving traditions through his 1863 proclamation.

Lincoln's role in advocating for West Virginia's admission into the Union during the Civil War further solidified his connection to the state. The commemoration of Lincoln Day stands as a tribute to his contributions and the significance of Thanksgiving, bridging historical events that shaped the nation.

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