Pioneer Day in Utah in 2024

Pioneer Day in Utah in 2024
  How long until Pioneer Day?
Pioneer Day
  Dates of Pioneer Day in Utah
2025 Thu, Jul 24Government Holiday
2024 Wed, Jul 24Government Holiday
2023 Mon, Jul 24Government Holiday (in lieu)
2022 Mon, Jul 25Government Holiday
2021 Fri, Jul 23Government Holiday (in lieu)

Marks the founding of Salt Lake City in 1847 with the arrival Brigham Young and the first Mormon settlers

When is Pioneer Day?

Pioneer Day is a regional state holiday observed in Utah, USA.

Often simply called "the holiday" by locals, Pioneer Day is celebrated on July 24th or the nearest weekday if it falls on a weekend.

History of Pioneer Day

Pioneer Day commemorates the arrival on July 24th 1847 of Brigham Young and the first Mormon settlers to Salt Lake Valley, where the Latter-day Saints settled after leaving Nauvoo, Illinois.

Despite enduring many hardships in the initial years of the settlement, over the next two decades, more than 70,000 more Mormon pioneers crossed the plains to join the community and settle in Utah and today, Mormons make up about 62% of the population of Utah, making it the most culturally homogenous state in America.

Did you know?

The name "Utah" is taken from the name of the Ute Native American tribe. Their name means "people of the mountains."

On Pioneer Day, state offices and banks are closed, employees have the day off, and there are parades and fireworks throughout the state. The parade in Salt Lake City is particularly popular and has become an important family tradition, with some camping out very early to ensure they get a good spot from which to watch the parade go by.

Although the holiday is marked by everyone in Utah, undoubtedly Pioneer Day has a particular relevance to the Mormon community making it a special celebration for the Church of the Latter-Day Saints in Utah and beyond.

Did you know?

Utah is called the "Beehive State" because the Mormon settlers prided themselves on being were hard workers and saw their state as a 'hive of industry'. They even wanted to call the state "Deseret", which is the word for "honey bee" in the Book of Mormon.

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