San Jacinto Day in USA in 2025

San Jacinto Day in USA in 2025
Battle Of San Jacinto Image by Henry Mcardle
  How long until San Jacinto Day?
San Jacinto Day
  Dates of San Jacinto Day in USA
2025 Texas Mon, Apr 21 Government Holiday
2024 Texas Sun, Apr 21 Government Holiday
2023 Texas Fri, Apr 21 Government Holiday
2022 Texas Thu, Apr 21 Government Holiday
2021 Texas Wed, Apr 21 Government Holiday

A key battle in 1836 in the war for independence from Mexico

When is San Jacinto Day?

San Jacinto is a state holiday in Texas.

It is observed on April 21st. If April 21st falls on a weekend, a state holiday is not observed on any other weekday.

History of San Jacinto Day

The Battle of San Jacinto was fought on April 21st 1836, in present-day Harris County, Texas. It proved to be the decisive battle of the Texas Revolution, which led to Texian independence from the Centralist Republic of Mexico.

Under the command of General Sam Houston, the Texian Army launched a surprise attack and defeated General Antonio López de Santa Anna's Mexican army in a fight that lasted just 18 minutes (Henry McArdle must have been a fast painter).

The Mexicans were thoroughly routed losing over 600 men. Hundreds of Mexican soldiers were taken prisoner, including General Santa Anna. In exchange for his freedom, Santa Anna signed a treaty recognizing Texas’ independence.

Becoming famous and popular for the victory, Sam Houston was elected as president. Houston, the modern-city is named after him.

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