Alaska Day in USA in 2024

Alaska Day in USA in 2024
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  How long until Alaska Day?
Alaska Day
  Dates of Alaska Day in USA
2025 Alaska Fri, Oct 17 Government Holiday
2024 Alaska Fri, Oct 18 Government Holiday
2023 Alaska Wed, Oct 18 Government Holiday
2022 Alaska Tue, Oct 18 Government Holiday
2021 Alaska Mon, Oct 18 Government Holiday

Marks the official transfer of Alaska from Russia to USA on October 18th 1867

When is Alaska Day?

Alaska Day is a regional state holiday observed in Alaska, USA.

Alaska Day is celebrated on October 18th or the nearest weekday.

History of Alaska Day

Alaska day commemorates the anniversary of the formal transfer of the Territory of Alaska from Russia to the United States, which took place on October 18th 1867.

After suffering defeat in the Crimean War, Russia was on its knees economically and saw selling its expensive-to-maintain territory in North America as a way of raising some much-needed funds.

On March 30th 1867, the Russian Empire concluded a treaty with U.S. Secretary of State William H. Seward, wherein the United States purchased Alaska for $7.2 million dollars (about $129 million in today’s money.) That worked out to roughly 10 cents per square mile back then, ( just under $2 per square mile today.)

On October 18th 1867, the Russian Empire lowered its flag in Alaska and the United States raised its, marking the formal transfer.

The ratification of the purchase of Alaska had been a difficult process to get through the federal government. Alaska was regarded as cold, barren, and useless, and the public hung the name "Seward’s Folly" on the territory. Seward regarded it as a unique opportunity to add 20% to the landmass of the United States.

Did you know?

In 1926 13-year-old Native American Bennie Benson from Cognac, Alaska designed the state flag.

As Alaska Day is a paid holiday for all state employees, all state, county and city government offices will close, along with most schools and libraries. Private businesses can close at their discretion. The US Post Office will be open as will most banks and public transport will operate on nearly normal schedules.

Did you know?

The name 'Alaska' comes from a Russian word that means ''mainland'.

The biggest event to mark Alaska Day is the parade in downtown Juneau, the state capital of Alaska.

Alaska day was declared a holiday in 1917 by Alaska's territorial legislature.

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