Bank Holiday in Uruguay in 2023

Bank Holiday in Uruguay in 2023

  How long until Bank Holiday?
Bank Holiday
  Dates of Bank Holiday in Uruguay
2023 Apr 3, Apr 4, Apr 5
UruguayWed, Apr 5Government Holiday
UruguayTue, Apr 4Government Holiday
UruguayMon, Apr 3Government Holiday
2022 Apr 11, Apr 12, Apr 13
UruguayWed, Apr 13Government Holiday
UruguayTue, Apr 12Government Holiday
UruguayMon, Apr 11Government Holiday
2021 Mar 29, Mar 30, Mar 31
UruguayWed, Mar 31Government Holiday
UruguayTue, Mar 30Government Holiday
UruguayMon, Mar 29Government Holiday
2020 Apr 6, Apr 7, Apr 8
UruguayWed, Apr 8Government Holiday
UruguayTue, Apr 7Government Holiday
UruguayMon, Apr 6Government Holiday
2019 Apr 15, Apr 16, Apr 17
UruguayWed, Apr 17Government Holiday
UruguayTue, Apr 16Government Holiday
UruguayMon, Apr 15Government Holiday

Tourism week is the name for the five days of Easter week holidays in Uruguay

  Local name
Semana de Turismo

These holidays were once known as Holy Week. The name was changed when the Uruguayan State finished formalized their separation from the Catholic Church, according to Law No. 6997 of 23 October 1919.

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