Urs of Hazrat Abdullah Shah Ghazi around the world in 2024

Urs of Hazrat Abdullah Shah Ghazi around the world in 2024
Abdullah Shah Ghazi Shrine Clifton Karachi. Image by King Eliot
  How long until Urs of Hazrat Abdullah Shah Ghazi?
There are no upcoming dates for this event
  Dates of Urs of Hazrat Abdullah Shah Ghazi around the world
2024 PakistanJun 29
Sindh Sat, Jun 29Regional Holiday
2023 PakistanJul 11
Sindh Tue, Jul 11Regional Holiday

An Urs observed in Karachi to honour an 8th century Islamic mystic and Sufi.

Abdullah Shah Ghazi (c. 720 - c. 768) was a Muslim mystic and Sufi whose shrine is located in Clifton in Karachi, in Sindh province of Pakistan.

It is because of his display of valor in the face of the Ummayyad army that Abdullah Shah was given the honorable title of "Ghazi" meaning "victorious". His shrine in Karachi dates back 1400 years. His brother, Misry Shah, who is also buried along the coastline in Karachi, is also remembered as a saint.

This event holds great religious and cultural importance for the people of Karachi, who flock to the shrine to seek blessings and engage in acts of piety.

During the three-day Urs, various religious activities will take place. Among these are the Mehfil-e-Sama, a gathering for spiritual music and poetry, and a Naat competition praising the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

The Urs of Hazrat Abdullah Shah Ghazi is a cherished occasion for Karachi’s residents, reflecting their deep-rooted reverence for the saint. This public holiday allows individuals from all walks of life to come together in commemoration and unity, fostering a sense of shared spirituality and devotion within the community.

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