Public Holiday around the world in 2024

Public Holiday around the world in 2024
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2021 UgandaMay 12
Uganda Wed, May 12National Holiday

The inauguration of the President of Uganda is declared as a public holiday.

About Ugandan Presidential Inauguration

The government of Uganda through the Ministry of Public Service has declared Wednesday May 12th a Public Holiday to allow citizens to follow proceedings from Kololo Independence grounds where President Museveni will be taking his oath of office for the sixth consecutive term.

Catherine Musingwire, the Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Public Service said the official statement on the declaration of May 12th as a Public Holiday will be made early next week.

“It is going to be a public holiday. We are just awaiting official communication,” Musingwire reportedly said in a telephone interview.

The President of the Republic of Uganda is the head of state and the head of government of Uganda. 

Mr Museveni, who has been President since 1996, and is the longest-serving president of Uganda, was declared the winner of the 2021 election with 58% of the poll.

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