Martyrs' Day in Tunisia in 2025

Martyrs' Day in Tunisia in 2025
Martyrs' Square in Sijoumii is the location of a ceremony to honour the Tunisian Martyrs on April 9th each year.
  How long until Martyrs' Day?
Martyrs' Day
  Dates of Martyrs' Day in Tunisia
2025 Tunisia Wed, Apr 9 National Holiday
2024 Tunisia Tue, Apr 9 National Holiday
2023 Tunisia Sun, Apr 9 National Holiday
2022 Tunisia Sat, Apr 9 National Holiday
2021 Tunisia Fri, Apr 9 National Holiday

Remembers the Tunisians who were killed when French troops suppressed nationalist demonstrations in 1938

When is Tunisian Martyrs' Day ?

Martyrs' Day is a public holiday in Tunisia, observed on April 9th.

This day remembers the Tunisians who were killed when French troops suppressed nationalist demonstrations in 1938.

History of Martyrs' Day

Tunisia came under French control in 1881 and the movement for independence had begun in 1920 with the creation of the political party, Destour. In 1934, the fervour for independence was increased with the formation of a new party called Neo Destour, led by Habib Bourguiba, who went on to become the country's first President.

Bourguiba favoured a confrontational approach to forcing the French to accept independence, including the use of demonstrations and riots to unsettle the colonial power.

On April 9th 1938, thousands of protesters thronged Tunis to demand the creation of a Tunisian parliament. The demonstration ended in violence with 22 protestors having lost their lives, one dead policeman, and over 150 people injured.

As a result, Bourguiba and other members of Neo-Destour were arrested and detained at the Civilian Prison of Tunis. A few days later Neo-Destour was dissolved, though it continued its activism in secret.

The events of April 9th 1938 marked a decisive phase in the struggle for national liberation and helped bring about far-reaching political changes that culminated in independence on March 20th 1956, and the proclamation of the republic on July 25th 1957.

To commemorate those Tunisians who lost their lives in the demonstrations, an official ceremony takes place at Sijoumii Martyrs' Square that is attended by the senior political figures.

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