Buddhist Lent (in lieu) in Thailand in 2024

Buddhist Lent (in lieu) in Thailand in 2024
  How long until Buddhist Lent (in lieu)?
Buddhist Lent (in lieu)
  Dates of Buddhist Lent (in lieu) in Thailand
2025 Thailand Fri, Jul 11 Government Holiday
2024 Thailand Mon, Jul 22 Government Holiday (in lieu)
2023 Thailand Wed, Aug 2 Government Holiday
2022 Thailand Thu, Jul 14 Government Holiday
2021 Thailand Sun, Jul 25 Government Holiday

Marks the start of the three month period when Monks have to stay in the one place

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When does Buddhist Lent begin?

Buddhist Lent begins on the day after Asahna Bucha, which is observed on the first full moon of the eighth lunar month.

Traditions of Buddhist Lent

Known as Khao Phansa or 'Buddhist Lent', this day marks the beginning of the three-lunar-month period, during which all monks should stay in their temples and not travel.

During the lent period, elaborate wax candles are kept burning. In the city of Ubon, a Candle Festival is held. Following a parade of candles, the winners of best candle design are announced.

Khao Phansa or Buddhist Lent Day is a government holiday in Thailand, though banks are not closed.

The first of day of Buhhdist Lent used to be a public holiday but was replaced by Asahna Bucha in 2007. During Asahna Bucha and Khao Phansa, it is illegal to buy and sell alcohol.

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