Asahna Bucha Day (in lieu) in Thailand in 2021

Asahna Bucha Day (in lieu) in Thailand in 2021

  How long until Asahna Bucha Day (in lieu)?
This holiday next takes place in 301 days.
  Dates of Asahna Bucha Day (in lieu) in Thailand
2022 Thailand Wed, Jul 13 National Holiday
2021 Thailand Mon, Jul 26 National Holiday (in lieu)
2020 Thailand Mon, Jul 6 National Holiday (in lieu)
2019 Thailand Tue, Jul 16 National Holiday
2018 Thailand Fri, Jul 27 National Holiday
Marks the day when the Lord Buddha delivered his first sermon in India over 2500 years ago
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When is Asahna Bucha?

Asahna Bucha is a national Holiday in Thailand. It replaced Buddhist Lent as a gazetted holiday in 2007.

The date in the western calendar depends on the Lunar cycle. It is also known as Asalha Puja or Dhamma Day.

This key event in Buddhism is also a public holiday in Sri Lanka (Esala Full Moon Poya) and Myanmar (Full Moon of Waso or Danmasakyar Day)

History of Asahna Bucha

This day, the first full moon of the eighth lunar month commemorates the Buddha's first sermon in the Deer Park in Benares, India and the founding of the Buddhist sangha (monkhood) about 2,500 years ago.

In the sermon, which is known as 'Setting the Wheel of Dhamma in Motion', the Buddha first spelt out the Four Noble Truths and the Noble Eightfold Path.

The day marks the beginning of Vassa, the Buddhist lent period also known as the 'Rains Retreat'.

How is Asahna Bucha celebrated?

To mark the day, ceremonies are held in Buddhist temples across Thailand. Many Thai people return to their ancestral homes to donate offerings to temples and listen to sermons. In the evening they will often perform a ceremony called 'wian tian', where they walk clockwise around the main shrine of the temple carrying a candle, incense sticks and lotus flowers.

During the day, monks chant mantras and preach the first sermon of the Buddha.

In Saraburi, local monks parade through the town with their alms bowls. Instead of the usual offerings of food, people will instead put flowers into their bowls. The monks then return to the temples and offer the flowers in honour of the Buddha.

Asahna Bucha Day is traditionally a popular day for young Thai men to enter the monkhood.

Asahna Bucha is one of the five Buddhist holidays on which the sale of alcohol is prohibited. All government offices and main bank branches will be closed.

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