Constitution Day in Tajikistan in 2024

Constitution Day in Tajikistan in 2024
State Emblem of Tajikistan. Image by Farkhod Vakhob , via Pixabay
  How long until Constitution Day?
Constitution Day
  Dates of Constitution Day in Tajikistan
2025 Tajikistan Thu, Nov 6 National Holiday
2024 Tajikistan Wed, Nov 6 National Holiday
2023 Tajikistan Mon, Nov 6 National Holiday
2022 Nov 6, Nov 7
TajikistanMon, Nov 7National Holiday (in lieu)
TajikistanSun, Nov 6National Holiday
2021 Nov 6, Nov 8
TajikistanMon, Nov 8National Holiday (in lieu)
TajikistanSat, Nov 6National Holiday

The Constitution of the Republic of Tajikistan was adopted on November 6th 1994

When is the Constitution Day of the Tajik Republic?

Constitution Day of Tajik Republic is a public holiday in Tajikistan observed on November 6th each year.

This holiday marks the adoption of the Constitution of the Republic of Tajikistan on this day in 1994.

History of the Constitution Day of the Tajik Republic

Emerging into the world after having been part of the Soviet Union, Tajikistan declared its sovereignty in 1990 and independence followed in 1991.

However, the removal of the Soviet control brought ethnic tensions to the surface and the new-born nation descended into a civil war.

Until the signing of a ceasefire agreement at the end of 1994, armed conflicts periodically arose, especially in southern Tajikistan. 

In November 1994, a referendum was held on the adoption of a new Constitution and the election of a new president. As part of the unifying process, the Constitution is seen as an important step in establishing a national identity and remains a source of pride to many Tajiks.

Since the adoption on November 6th 1994, the Constitution has been amended twice, on September 26th 1999 and June 22nd 2003. 

The Constitution has the highest legal power, direct application and supremacy over the whole territory of Tajikistan. The Constitution proclaims the establishment of a democratic, legal, secular and unitary State, where the State power is based on the principle of separation of powers. 

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