Republic Day in Taiwan in 2025

Republic Day in Taiwan in 2025
  How long until Republic Day?
Republic Day
  Dates of Republic Day in Taiwan
2025 Taiwan Wed, Jan 1 National Holiday
2024 Taiwan Mon, Jan 1 National Holiday
2023 Jan 1, Jan 2
TaiwanMon, Jan 2National Holiday (additional day)
TaiwanSun, Jan 1National Holiday
2022 Taiwan Sat, Jan 1 National Holiday
2021 Taiwan Fri, Jan 1 National Holiday

Commemorates the establishment of the Provisional Government in Nanking on January 1st 1912.

When is Republic Day in Taiwan?

Republic Day is a public holiday in Taiwan on January 1st.

While the holiday is also celebrated as New Year's Day, it commemorates the foundation of the Republic of China on January 1st 1912.

History of Taiwan Republic Day

The Wuchang Uprising of October 10th 1911, began the Xinhai Revolution which marked the end of the Ching (Qing) Dynasty that had been established in 1644 by the Manchus.

Since the start of the nineteenth century the power and control of the Ching court had begun to decline and by the start of the twentieth century, China had become weak to Japanese and western influences. Discontent with this situation led to an uprising of nationalists under the leadership of Sun Yatsen.

The revolt in Wuchang was successful and led to other uprisings breaking out in other cities across China.

The fall of the Manchus swiftly followed and on January 1st 1912, the Republic of China was founded with the establishment of the Provisional Government in Nanking. Sun Yatsen was elected as provisional president of the new republic.

The Xinhai revolution ended with the abdication of the six-year-old Last Emperor, Puyi, on February 12th 1912, marking the end of 2,000 years of imperial rule in China.

October 10th, the anniversary of the start of the uprising, is the National Day of Taiwan.

Celebrations in Taiwan today are arguably as focused on the start of the international new year than on the events of 1912.

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