Mid Autumn Festival in Taiwan in 2020

Mid Autumn Festival in Taiwan in 2020

  How long until Mid Autumn Festival?
This holiday next takes place in 87 days.
  Dates of Mid Autumn Festival in Taiwan
2022 Taiwan Sat, Sep 10 National Holiday
2021 Sep 20, Sep 21
TaiwanTue, Sep 21National Holiday (additional day)
TaiwanMon, Sep 20National Holiday
2020 Oct 1, Oct 2
TaiwanFri, Oct 2National Holiday (additional day)
TaiwanThu, Oct 1National Holiday
2019 Taiwan Fri, Sep 13 National Holiday
2018 Taiwan Mon, Sep 24 National Holiday
The Mid Autumn festival starts on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month
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Mid Autumn Festival internationally
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When is Mid Autumn Festival?

The Mid Autumn festival starts on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month.

If the day after Mid Autumn Festival holiday falls on a Sunday, the following Monday will be a national holiday in Hong Kong.

History of the holiday

This festival originated in a fairy tale. A hero names Hou Yi saved his people by shooting down the other nine suns that burned his people to death. He was then bestowed with the elixir of immortality by the Queen Mother of the West.

He did not want to consume the elixir and leave his beautiful but very mortal wife, Chang Er, so he gave the elixir to his wife for safekeeping. Unfortunately, Hou Yi's disloyal apprentice forced Chang Er to swallow the elixir. She then became a supernatural being. She flew to the moon, and from there watched her husband.

Knowing that his wife had now been separated from him, Hou Yi was crazed with grief. Looking up at the moon one night, he saw a figure like his wife. He hurriedly took cakes and succade (preserves in sugar, whether fruits, vegetables, or confections) as offerings to his wife.

Upon hearing this, people developed the custom of watching the moon and eating moon cakes annually on this day.

How is it celebrated?

Activities include Fire Dragon dancing, enjoying the displays of lanterns, and eating moon cakes. People eat moon cakes under the moonlight with family members. Moon cakes are pastries filled with gooey sesame, red bean, and walnut meats.

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