Knabenschiessen in Zurich in 2023

Knabenschiessen in Zurich in 2023

  How long until Knabenschiessen?
  Dates of Knabenschiessen in Zurich
2024 Thu, Sep 12Regional Holiday
2023 Mon, Sep 11Regional Holiday
2022 Mon, Sep 12Regional Holiday
2021 Mon, Sep 13Regional Holiday
2020 Mon, Sep 14Regional Holiday

Zurich only. Knabenschiessen is a traditional shooting competition for teenagers

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When is Knabenschiessen?

Celebrated on the afternoon of the Monday after the second weekend in September.

Knabenschiessen is a traditional shooting competition for teenagers and is held on the second weekend of September each year.

The Monday afternoon is a holiday observed across the city. Even though this is only a half-day holiday, many workers will take the morning as a holiday to create a long weekend or work from home in the morning. If planning a meeting or business trip to Zürich, our advice is to treat this day as a non-working day.

History of Knabenschiessen

This regional festival is one of the oldest festivals in Zürich.

While the date of the first festival is officially 1889, the custom can be dated back to older roots in the 17th century.

The competition is open to 13-17-year-old boys ("Knaben") and girls in the canton of Zürich. The competition has been open to female participants since 1991.

The shooting within the competition is done with the Swiss Army ordinance rifle, which the children will encounter a few years later as they do their national service.

The competition is held in the shooting range at Albisgütli on the slope of Üetliberg.

Extra attractions such as a Funfair and parade add to the event and provide something for everyone.

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