Whit Monday in Switzerland in 2021

  How long until Whit Monday?
Whit Monday
  Dates of Whit Monday in Switzerland
2022 Jun 6
AargauMon, Jun 6Regional Holiday
Appenzell AusserrhodenMon, Jun 6Regional Holiday
Appenzell InnerrhodenMon, Jun 6Regional Holiday
Basel-LandschaftMon, Jun 6Regional Holiday
Basel-StadtMon, Jun 6Regional Holiday
BernMon, Jun 6Regional Holiday
FribourgMon, Jun 6Regional Holiday
GenevaMon, Jun 6Regional Holiday
GlarusMon, Jun 6Regional Holiday
GraubündenMon, Jun 6Regional Holiday
JuraMon, Jun 6Regional Holiday
LucerneMon, Jun 6Regional Holiday
NeuchâtelMon, Jun 6Regional Holiday
NidwaldenMon, Jun 6Regional Holiday
ObwaldenMon, Jun 6Regional Holiday
SchaffhausenMon, Jun 6Regional Holiday
SchwyzMon, Jun 6Regional Holiday
SolothurnMon, Jun 6Regional Holiday
St. GallenMon, Jun 6Regional Holiday
ThurgauMon, Jun 6Regional Holiday
TicinoMon, Jun 6Regional Holiday
UriMon, Jun 6Regional Holiday
VaudMon, Jun 6Regional Holiday
ZurichMon, Jun 6Regional Holiday
2021 May 24
AargauMon, May 24Regional Holiday
Appenzell AusserrhodenMon, May 24Regional Holiday
Appenzell InnerrhodenMon, May 24Regional Holiday
Basel-LandschaftMon, May 24Regional Holiday
Basel-StadtMon, May 24Regional Holiday
BernMon, May 24Regional Holiday
FribourgMon, May 24Regional Holiday
GenevaMon, May 24Regional Holiday
GlarusMon, May 24Regional Holiday
GraubündenMon, May 24Regional Holiday
JuraMon, May 24Regional Holiday
LucerneMon, May 24Regional Holiday
NeuchâtelMon, May 24Regional Holiday
NidwaldenMon, May 24Regional Holiday
ObwaldenMon, May 24Regional Holiday
SchaffhausenMon, May 24Regional Holiday
SchwyzMon, May 24Regional Holiday
SolothurnMon, May 24Regional Holiday
St. GallenMon, May 24Regional Holiday
ThurgauMon, May 24Regional Holiday
TicinoMon, May 24Regional Holiday
UriMon, May 24Regional Holiday
VaudMon, May 24Regional Holiday
ZurichMon, May 24Regional Holiday
2020 Jun 1
AargauMon, Jun 1Regional Holiday
Appenzell AusserrhodenMon, Jun 1Regional Holiday
Appenzell InnerrhodenMon, Jun 1Regional Holiday
Basel-LandschaftMon, Jun 1Regional Holiday
Basel-StadtMon, Jun 1Regional Holiday
BernMon, Jun 1Regional Holiday
FribourgMon, Jun 1Regional Holiday
GenevaMon, Jun 1Regional Holiday
GlarusMon, Jun 1Regional Holiday
GraubündenMon, Jun 1Regional Holiday
JuraMon, Jun 1Regional Holiday
LucerneMon, Jun 1Regional Holiday
NeuchâtelMon, Jun 1Regional Holiday
NidwaldenMon, Jun 1Regional Holiday
ObwaldenMon, Jun 1Regional Holiday
SchaffhausenMon, Jun 1Regional Holiday
SchwyzMon, Jun 1Regional Holiday
SolothurnMon, Jun 1Regional Holiday
St. GallenMon, Jun 1Regional Holiday
ThurgauMon, Jun 1Regional Holiday
TicinoMon, Jun 1Regional Holiday
UriMon, Jun 1Regional Holiday
VaudMon, Jun 1Regional Holiday
ZurichMon, Jun 1Regional Holiday
2019 Jun 10
AargauMon, Jun 10Regional Holiday
Appenzell AusserrhodenMon, Jun 10Regional Holiday
Appenzell InnerrhodenMon, Jun 10Regional Holiday
Basel-LandschaftMon, Jun 10Regional Holiday
Basel-StadtMon, Jun 10Regional Holiday
BernMon, Jun 10Regional Holiday
FribourgMon, Jun 10Regional Holiday
GenevaMon, Jun 10Regional Holiday
GlarusMon, Jun 10Regional Holiday
GraubündenMon, Jun 10Regional Holiday
JuraMon, Jun 10Regional Holiday
LucerneMon, Jun 10Regional Holiday
NeuchâtelMon, Jun 10Regional Holiday
NidwaldenMon, Jun 10Regional Holiday
ObwaldenMon, Jun 10Regional Holiday
SchaffhausenMon, Jun 10Regional Holiday
SchwyzMon, Jun 10Regional Holiday
SolothurnMon, Jun 10Regional Holiday
St. GallenMon, Jun 10Regional Holiday
ThurgauMon, Jun 10Regional Holiday
TicinoMon, Jun 10Regional Holiday
UriMon, Jun 10Regional Holiday
VaudMon, Jun 10Regional Holiday
ZurichMon, Jun 10Regional Holiday
2018 May 21
AargauMon, May 21Regional Holiday
Appenzell AusserrhodenMon, May 21Regional Holiday
Appenzell InnerrhodenMon, May 21Regional Holiday
Basel-LandschaftMon, May 21Regional Holiday
Basel-StadtMon, May 21Regional Holiday
BernMon, May 21Regional Holiday
FribourgMon, May 21Regional Holiday
GenevaMon, May 21Regional Holiday
GlarusMon, May 21Regional Holiday
GraubündenMon, May 21Regional Holiday
JuraMon, May 21Regional Holiday
LucerneMon, May 21Regional Holiday
NeuchâtelMon, May 21Regional Holiday
NidwaldenMon, May 21Regional Holiday
ObwaldenMon, May 21Regional Holiday
SchaffhausenMon, May 21Regional Holiday
SchwyzMon, May 21Regional Holiday
SolothurnMon, May 21Regional Holiday
St. GallenMon, May 21Regional Holiday
ThurgauMon, May 21Regional Holiday
TicinoMon, May 21Regional Holiday
UriMon, May 21Regional Holiday
VaudMon, May 21Regional Holiday
ZurichMon, May 21Regional Holiday

Commemorates the coming of the Holy Spirit in the form of flames to the Apostles.

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  Whit Monday in other countries
Whit Monday internationally
  Which regions observe Whit Monday in 2021?
  AargauMay 24Regional Holiday
  Appenzell AusserrhodenMay 24Regional Holiday
  Appenzell InnerrhodenMay 24Regional Holiday
  Basel-LandschaftMay 24Regional Holiday
  Basel-StadtMay 24Regional Holiday
  BernMay 24Regional Holiday
  FribourgMay 24Regional Holiday
  GenevaMay 24Regional Holiday
  GlarusMay 24Regional Holiday
  GraubündenMay 24Regional Holiday
  JuraMay 24Regional Holiday
  LucerneMay 24Regional Holiday
  NeuchâtelMay 24Regional Holiday
  NidwaldenMay 24Regional Holiday
  ObwaldenMay 24Regional Holiday
  SchaffhausenMay 24Regional Holiday
  SchwyzMay 24Regional Holiday
  SolothurnMay 24Regional Holiday
  St. GallenMay 24Regional Holiday
  ThurgauMay 24Regional Holiday
  TicinoMay 24Regional Holiday
  UriMay 24Regional Holiday
  VaudMay 24Regional Holiday
  ZurichMay 24Regional Holiday
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When is Whit Monday?

Whit Monday, also known as Pentecost Monday is a public holiday in several countries on the Monday after Whitsunday. Also known as Pentecost or Whitsun, Whitsunday is observed fifty days (approx. seven weeks) after Easter and 10 days after Ascension.

It marks the end of the Easter cycle, that began 90 days ago with Ash Wednesday at the start of Lent.

Until fairly recently, Whit Monday was a public holiday in the Republic of Ireland. Until 1967, it was a bank holiday in the United Kingdom, when it was replaced by the 'spring bank holiday' on the last Monday in May.

It gets its English name for following "Whitsun", the day that became one of the three baptismal seasons.

The name "Whitsunday" is now generally attributed to the white garments formerly worn by the candidates for baptism on this feast. 

The day commemorates the coming of the Holy Spirit in the form of flames to the Apostles, as recorded in the New Testament in Acts, 2.

The Holy Spirit allowed the apostles to speak in other languages, and they started preaching the word of Jesus to the Jews who come to Jerusalem for the feast of Shavuot (Pentecost). Saint Peter then delivered the first Christian sermon, which led to the conversion and baptism of 3,000 people. Many Christians recognize this event as the birth of the Church.

Based on the Holy Spirit bringing understanding and wisdom to the Apostles, some argue that Whitsunday may have its origins in the Anglo-Saxon word "wit", meaning "understanding".

The following day, Whit Monday (Pentecost Monday) is celebrated as a holiday in many European counties.

Holiday Spirit Monday

The holiday is celebrated in the Orthodox Church as Pentecost or Holy Spirit Monday. The date in the Orthodox church calendar will differ from the Western church due to the different methods of calculating the date of Easter.

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