Restoration Day in Switzerland in 2024

Restoration Day in Switzerland in 2024
  How long until Restoration Day?
Restoration Day
  Dates of Restoration Day in Switzerland
2025 Geneva Wed, Dec 31 Regional Holiday
2024 Geneva Tue, Dec 31 Regional Holiday
2023 Geneva Sun, Dec 31 Regional Holiday
2022 Geneva Sat, Dec 31 Regional Holiday
2021 Geneva Fri, Dec 31 Regional Holiday

Geneva only. Marks the restoration of the Geneva Republic after French occupation by Napoleon.

  Local name
fête de la Restauration de la République

When is Restoration Day?

Restoration Day is a Swiss regional public holiday celebrated on December 31st each year in the canton of Geneva.

Known in French as 'fête de la Restauration de la République', the holiday commemorates the re-establishment of Geneva as a republic on this day in 1813.

History of Restoration Day

In April 1798, French revolutionary troops annexed Geneva. French control and occupation lasted over 15 years until the defeat of France in the Napoleonic Wars. On December 31st 1813, the last French troops left Geneva and the Restoration of the Republic of Geneva was declared.

Shortly after, on June 1st 1814, Geneva was admitted to the Swiss Confederation.

To mark the anniversary of the restoration, cannons are fired at 8 am on December 31st from the Promenade de la Treille. This is followed by an official governmental ceremony and a memorial service at the Cathedrale Saint-Pierre, and a concert in the cathedral.

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