Jeûne genevois

Switzerland Regional Holiday in Geneva, Switzerland


When is Jeûne genevois?

How long until Jeûne genevois?
This holiday next takes place in 106 Days.
Dates of Jeûne genevois
Year Weekday Date
2019 Sunday September 1st
2018 Thursday September 6th
2017 Thursday September 7th
2016 Thursday September 8th
2015 Thursday September 10th
1 Day
Geneva only. A thanksgiving holiday that was originally a medieval fasting day
Related holiday
Swiss Federal Fast

Jeûne genevois is a public holiday in the canton of Geneva, Switzerland. Menaing Genevan Fast, it is observed on the Thursday after the first Sunday of September.

This holiday is related to the the Federal Fast, a Swiss government-arranged multi-denominational holiday celebrated by all Christian Churches and the Jewish community.

In 1831, the Federal Fast was fixed in all cantons in Switzerland on 8 September, before moving to the third Sunday in September. Geneva has instead kept to its own date.

History of Jeûne genevois

Fasting days had been a tradition in Switzerland since the late medieval period. Despite not being seen as part of the reformed Protestant fait, they continued to be observed in parts of Switzerland.

In October 1567, there was a Geneva-wide fast to show support to the Protestants who were being persecuted in Lyon, France. This fast is recognised as the first Jeûne genevois.

In 1869 as a result of the Federal Fast across Switzerland, Jeûne genevois was no longer an official holiday, though it continued to be observed by many Genevans. In 1966, it was reinstated as a holiday.

While the religious fasting element is no longer widely observed, banks, most businesses and shops will be closed on Jeûne genevois.

Did you know?

In the sixteenth century, the only food that was allowed to be eaten on Jeûne genevois was plum pie. It remains a treat to be enjoyed on this holiday to this day.

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