Flag Day in Eswatini in 2025

Flag Day in Eswatini in 2025
  How long until Flag Day?
Flag Day
  Dates of Flag Day in Eswatini
2025 Eswatini Fri, Apr 25 National Holiday
2024 Eswatini Thu, Apr 25 National Holiday
2023 Eswatini Tue, Apr 25 National Holiday
2022 Eswatini Mon, Apr 25 National Holiday
2021 Apr 25, Apr 26
EswatiniMon, Apr 26National Holiday (in lieu)
EswatiniSun, Apr 25National Holiday

Marks April 25th1967 when Eswatini's flag was first raised as the new King took his pledge of oath.

When is Eswatini Flag Day?

Eswatini Flag Day is a public holiday in the Kingdom of Eswatini (previously Swaziland) on April 25th each year.

This holiday commemorates the anniversary of the flag being hoisted for the first time on this day in 1967.

History of Eswatini Flag Day

The history of this rather unusual flag dates back to the second world war. Its design is based on a military flag that the late King Sobhuza Il gave to the Swazi Pioneer Corps in 1941 as they trained with the Allied forces. Elements of the design harked back to older motifs of tribal warfare.

As Swaziland moved towards independence from the United Kingdom, the Pioneer Corps flag was being used and the Swazi National Council decided to adopt that as the new national flag. It was hoisted for the first time on April 25th 1967, replacing the Union Jack, as the new King took his pledge of oath.

On the flag is a shield from the Emasotsha regiment, laid horizontally. The shield is reinforced by a staff from which hang injobo tassels; bunches of feathers of the widowbird and the lourie bird. They also decorate the shield. Above the staff are two assegais  - Swazi spears. 

The shield and assegais also appear on the Eswatini national arms, which is supported by a lion and an elephant, symbolic of the King and of the Queen Mother. 

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