Public Holiday in Eswatini in 2024

Public Holiday in Eswatini in 2024
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2023 Eswatini Fri, Sep 29 National Holiday

A public holiday has been declared to allow participation in voting for secondary elections.

 In an effort to ensure the electorate exercise their right to vote in the secondary elections, the Ministry of Home Affairs has confirmed that Friday September 29th 2023 will be an official holiday.

This is in accordance with the Public Holidays Act of 1998. The Acting Minister of Home Affairs, Chief Ndaluhlaza Ndwandwe, made the announcement at a press conference held at the ministry’s offices. Ndwandwe said the holiday had been established to ensure that every voter, regardless of their employment status, had time to exercise their right to vote. He said this was crucial in guaranteeing the smooth running of the election process and to foster a truly participatory democracy.

"We understand that the demands of work and other commitments can sometimes pose challenges for individuals to find time to vote. “By designating this day as a national elections holiday, we aim to remove these barriers and provide the electorate, both the employed and unemployed, ample time to fulfil their civic duty," he said.

When asked about some industries, which were normally busy on holidays, like the hospitality industry, whether they would be compelled to work or not, the Communications Officer in the ministry, Mlandvo Dlamini said; E"swati know how public holidays operate and what they mean. According to the law, a gazetted holiday means it’s a non-working day."

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