Public Holiday in Sudan in 2024

Public Holiday in Sudan in 2024
There are more pyramids in Sudan than there are in Egypt. Image via Deposit Photos
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2022 Sudan Wed, Apr 6 National Holiday

The Sudanese government has declared 6 April 2022 as a public holiday in anticipation of widespread disruption.

The Sudanese government has declared Wednesday April 6th 2022 as a public holiday, in a brief statement.

Sudanese protesters are gearing up for mass rallies demanding an end to military rule on April 6th, the historic anniversary of events leading to the toppling of autocrats including Omar al-Bashir.

Sudan’s powerful pro-democracy movement called on supporters in the capital and across the country to rally against military rule, asking protesters not to leave the streets before the ruling generals are forced out.

The rallies, named “the earthquake of April 6” by the groups, were expected to be harshly dealt with by security forces.

There was widespread speculation that authorities would cut internet and telephone services to frustrate efforts by the protest organisers to co-ordinate.

The day marks an uprising in 1985 that toppled the 16-year rule of military dictator Jaafar Al Nimeiri and also the start of a sit-in outside the army headquarters in 2019 calling for the removal of Al Bashir.

Army generals removed Al Bashir on April 11th that year, but the protesters demanded that the military hand over power to civilians. On June 3rd, security forces violently broke up the sit-in, killing more than 100 protesters.

Two months later, the pro-democracy movement and the military reached a transitional power-sharing deal, which Gen Al Burhan discarded when he seized power only weeks before he was to hand over to a civilian his de facto head of state position.

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