Saint Peter de Regalado in Spain in 2025

Saint Peter de Regalado in Spain in 2025
San Pablo Church in the evening, Valladolid. Image by bbsferrari , via Deposit Photos
  How long until Saint Peter de Regalado?
Saint Peter de Regalado
  Dates of Saint Peter de Regalado in Spain
2025 Castile and León Tue, May 13 Regional Holiday
2024 Castile and León Mon, May 13 Regional Holiday
2023 Castile and León Sat, May 13 Regional Holiday
2022 Castile and León Fri, May 13 Regional Holiday
2021 Castile and León Thu, May 13 Regional Holiday

The patron saint of Valladolid is Saint Peter de Regalado, who was a 15th century Franciscan monk

  Local name
San Pedro Regalado

When is Saint Peter de Regalado?

The Feast of Saint Peter de Regalado is a local public holiday in Valladolid, the capital of the Spanish autonomous community of Castile and León on May 13th each year.

Traditions of Saint Peter de Regalado

San Pedro Regalado was a Franciscan monk who lived in the 15th century and was canonised for his charitable actions, his dedication to the poor and his miraculous works.

He was born in 1390 and was baptised in the current church of San Salvador, which at that time was called the church of Santa Elena.

He was beatified by Pope Innocent XI on March 11th 1684 and canonized by Pope Benedict XIV on June 29th 1746.

Castile and León is an autonomous community in north-western Spain. It is Spain's largest region and was created in 1983.

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