Statute of Autonomy in Melilla in 2023

Statute of Autonomy in Melilla in 2023
City walls, lighthouse and harbor in Melilla. Image by Viliam Mucha , via Deposit Photos

  How long until Statute of Autonomy?
Statute of Autonomy
  Dates of Statute of Autonomy in Melilla
2023 Mon, Mar 13Regional Holiday
2022 Sun, Mar 13Regional Holiday
2021 Sat, Mar 13Regional Holiday
2020 Fri, Mar 13Regional Holiday

Marks the establishment of Melilla as an autonomous city in 1995.

  Local name
Estatuto de Autonomía de Melilla

When is the Day of Melilla?

The Day of Melilla is celebrated in the Spanish autonomous city of Melilla on March 13th every year.

The holiday commemorates the establishment of Melilla as an autonomous city on this day in 1995.

History of the Day of Melilla

Melilla is a Spanish exclave and free port located on the north coast of Africa and shares a border with Morocco. It has been a part of Spain since the 15th century.

The Statute of Autonomy of Melilla was approved by the Spanish government on March 13th 1995 and published in the Official State Gazette (Boletín Oficial del Estado) the following day, together with the equivalent for the city of Ceuta.

Before autonomy, Melilla was a municipality belonging to the province of Málaga. Autonomy was the result of a 17-year process that began with the Fifth Transitory Provision of the Constitution of 1978 that allowed the subsequent constitution of Ceuta and Melilla in autonomous communities.

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