Elcano Day in Basque Country in 2024

Elcano Day in Basque Country in 2024
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2022 Tue, Sep 6Regional Holiday

A one-off public holiday to mark the 500th anniversary of a famous voyage to the new world.

About Elcano Day

2022 will be the 500th anniversary of the first voyage around the world by Juan Sebastián Elcano.

Elcano was a Castilian explorer of Basque origin who completed the first circumnavigation of the Earth. After Ferdinand Magellan's death in the Philippines, Elcano took command of the carrack Victoria from the Moluccas to Sanlúcar de Barrameda in Spain.

Even though Magellan did not survive the trip, he has received more recognition for the expedition than Elcano has, since Magellan was the one who started it. Elcano remains less well-known than Magellan as Portugal wanted to recognise a Portuguese explorer, and didn't want to encourage Basque nationalism.

Elcano's monumental journey ended on September 6th 1522 when he reached the port of Sanlucar de Barrameda after three years of navigation in search of 'The East Indies'.

Did you Know?

As the voyage looked for a passage through South America, Elcano was involved in a mutiny against Magellan. Magellan spared him, and after five months of hard labour in chains, he was forgiven and made captain of the galleon Santiago.

On the occasion of this special anniversary, the Basque Government has declared September 6th 2022 as Elcano Day and therefore a holiday in the working calendar.

Euskadi will not mean an extra public holiday as the date replaces December 25th, which being Sunday is in itself a non-working day. 

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