Saudi Flag Day in Saudi Arabia in 2025

Saudi Flag Day in Saudi Arabia in 2025
  How long until Saudi Flag Day?
Saudi Flag Day
  Dates of Saudi Flag Day in Saudi Arabia
2025 Saudi Arabia Tue, Mar 11 National Holiday
2024 Saudi Arabia Mon, Mar 11 National Holiday
2023 Saudi Arabia Sat, Mar 11 National Holiday

On March 11, the Kingdom marks a new national holiday — Saudi Flag Day — instituted by royal decree.

When is Saudi Flag Day?

On March 11th, the Kingdom marks Saudi Flag Day, a new national holiday, instituted by royal decree. The occasion embodies the values of the national standard, which has accompanied the country since its foundation in 1727. 

On March 11th 1937, which corresponds to the 27th of Dhu Al Hijjah 1355 in the Islamic calendar, King Abdulaziz approved the flag of the kingdom.

What is Saudi Flag Day?

In a royal statement made by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud announced, “… Based on the value of the national flag extending throughout the history of the Saudi state since its establishment in 1139 AH corresponding to 1727 AD. And for about three centuries; This flag was a witness to the campaigns to unite the country that the Saudi state waged. We commanded what is to come: The day (March 11th) of every year will be a special day for the flag, under the name (Flag Day).”

History and Importance of the Saudi Flag

The flag is connected to the foundation of the Saudi state and has been developed in stages from the era of Imam Mohammed bin Saud in 1727, until March 11th, 1937.

The Saudi flag is designed in accordance with the flag system issued in 1973. The green flag, standing for peace, development, prosperity, giving and tolerance, features an Arabic transcription, the Islamic creed or ‘shahadah,’ which is the symbol of the country and the basis of its foundation.

The flag also features a sword standing for strength and justice. As a whole, the Saudi flag is a symbol of the country’s unity, a sign of cohesion, and a title of its glory. It also expresses its loftiness, glory, and worldwide position, as well as the historical depth of the Kingdom.

Saudis view their national flag as a symbol of faith and homeland, of the people, unity, brotherhood, solidarity and goodness, together with monotheism, peace and Islam. It holds official and popular meanings evoking love and brotherhood. 

It also carries symbolic connotations, based on its size and colour, along with aesthetic patterns implying unitary dimensions for Saudis in compliance with their land, environment and sanctities.

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