Liberation Day in San Marino in 2025

Liberation Day in San Marino in 2025
  How long until Liberation Day?
Liberation Day
  Dates of Liberation Day in San Marino
2025 San Marino Wed, Feb 5 National Holiday
2024 San Marino Mon, Feb 5 National Holiday
2023 San Marino Sun, Feb 5 National Holiday
2022 San Marino Sat, Feb 5 National Holiday
2021 San Marino Fri, Feb 5 National Holiday

On February 5th 1740, San Marino was liberated from occupation by the forces of Cardinal Giulio Alberoni.

When is Liberation Day in San Marino?

Liberation Day in a public holiday in San Marino observed on February 5th each year.

Its full title is the "Anniversary of the Liberation of the Republic from Alberonian occupation (1740) and the Feast of St. Agata, patron saint, along with San Marino".

History of Liberation Day in San Marino

Surprisingly, given its small size and being located in a part of Europe that has seen many political power struggles, the tiny republic has only been invaded a few times in its history.

The first incursion came in 1503 when Cesare Borgia, known as Valentino, invaded. His plans to rule were thwarted by his death in 1507, restoring San Marino to its independent status.

Did you know?

Valentino's rise to power was a major inspiration for The Prince by Machiavelli.

Over 200 years later, it was time for an Italian cardinal called Giulio Alberoni to step up to the plate and try to subjugate San Marino. Trying to expand the Papal State's power base in the region, Alberoni (at the ripe old age of 75) invaded San Marino on October 17th 1739. 

Unhappy with the aggressive way he was ruling the country and the whole invasion thing, the people of San Marino protested against Alberoni's occupation and appealed to the Vatican. Messages were sent to obtain justice from Pope Clemente XII. The Pope recognized the rights of San Marino and on February 5th 1740, he restored the country's independence.

Since medieval times, February 5th in San Marino had been dedicated to Saint Agata (Agatha), the "co-patron" of the city.  One of the most famous martyrs of Christian antiquity, Agatha was put to death during the persecution of Decius (250–253) in Sicily, for her refusal to abandon her Christian faith.

As part of the celebrations to mark Liberation Day, there is a public procession from the city of Borgo Maggiore to the capital city of San Marino. In addition, various civic celebrations take place throughout the day.

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