Father's Day in Samoa in 2024

Father's Day in Samoa in 2024
  How long until Father's Day?
Father's Day
  Dates of Father's Day in Samoa
2025 Samoa Mon, Aug 11 National Holiday
2024 Samoa Mon, Aug 12 National Holiday
2023 Samoa Mon, Aug 14 National Holiday
2022 Samoa Mon, Aug 15 National Holiday
2021 Samoa Mon, Aug 9 National Holiday

Father's Day in Samoa is a public holiday on the Monday after the second Sunday in August

When is Father's Day in Samoa?

Father's Day Holiday is a public holiday observed in Samoa on the Monday after the second Sunday in August.

This day celebrates the important role of fathers in the culture of Samoa.

History of Father's Day in Samoa

Father's Day is the celebration of fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society.

While almost every country sets aside a day to honour fathers, this is rarely a public holiday and is seen by many as a modern tradition. 

In Samoa, the value and importance of raising a family and honouring your parents is shown by making the Mondays after Mother's Day and Father's Day public holidays. 

Father’s Day has been celebrated as a public holiday in Samoa since 2005.

Shops selling goods may open during Father's Day in accordance with the provisions of the Public Holidays Act 2008. However, employers are reminded to comply with Section 39 of the Labour and Employment Relations Act 2013 in relation to the rate of wages to be paid to employees who work on Public Holidays. 

Manuia le Aso Tama! ("Happy Father's Day" in Samoan)

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