Public Holiday in Samoa in 2024

Public Holiday in Samoa in 2024
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  Dates of Public Holiday in Samoa
2021 Apr 8, Apr 9, May 20
SamoaThu, May 20National Holiday
SamoaFri, Apr 9National Holiday
SamoaThu, Apr 8National Holiday

Two days of public holidays to allow voters to participate in the 2021 elections in Samoa.

About Samoan Elections

Public Holidays have been declared on May 20th and May 21st 2021 for the purposes of the 2021 general elections, for which polling takes place on the latter day. 

They were called by O le Ao o le Malo (Head of state) Tuimalealiifano Va'aletoa Sualauvi II following the inconclusive results of the April 2021 elections, but before the new parliament had even been convened or numerous electoral court petitions settled.

"It is the duty of all registered voters to cast their votes during the general election in accordance to the Electoral Act 2019," the notice announcing the April 8th and 9th holidays for the first elections read.

The note states that employers are advised to make necessary arrangements for those staff who are required to work on the public holidays approved for the elections.

Universal suffrage was introduced in 1990, permitting Samoan citizens over the age of 21 to vote in person. The Constitution Amendment Act 2013 ensures a minimum of 10 per cent of seats in parliament were reserved for women.

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