Lotu a Tamaiti Holiday in Samoa in 2024

Lotu a Tamaiti Holiday in Samoa in 2024
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  How long until Lotu a Tamaiti Holiday?
Lotu a Tamaiti Holiday
  Dates of Lotu a Tamaiti Holiday in Samoa
2025 Samoa Mon, Oct 13 National Holiday
2024 Samoa Mon, Oct 14 National Holiday
2023 Samoa Mon, Oct 9 National Holiday
2022 Samoa Mon, Oct 10 National Holiday
2021 Samoa Mon, Oct 11 National Holiday

Day after White Sunday, when parents and communities celebrate childhood

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When is Lotu a Tamaiti?

Lotu a Tamaiti, also known as White Monday, is a public holiday in Samoa on the Monday after the second Sunday in October.

History of Lotu a Tamaiti Holiday

The Samoan islands in the South Pacific Ocean are split into two countries, Samoa and American Samoa. In terms of distance, they are not so far apart, but in time they are 24 hours different as the international date line slices its way between the two. 

The two nations also share many traditions and customs. White Sunday is a good example of this. White Sunday was brought to the islands by Christian missionaries in the 19th century and has become a special day on the second Sunday of October, when children are treated, from getting new outfits to being allowed their favourite foods. 

In some parts of Europe, Pentecost Sunday is called Whit Sunday. That gets its name from the white garments worn by people getting baptised on this day. In Samoa, women and children often wear white, but it's unclear if the holiday is named after this custom, or if people started wearing white after the name of the festival.

A tradition in Samoa is that some holidays that always fall on a Sunday are observed as holidays on the following Monday. This is the case for Mother's Day, Father's Day and White Sunday. In the Samoan language, Lotu Tamaiti literally means "Children's Service".

White Sunday is a public holiday in American Samoa, and in a quirk caused by the international date line, Lotu a Tamaiti in Samoa happens at the time as White Sunday in American Samoa!

Businesses may open during a public Holiday in accordance with the provisions of the Public Holidays Act 2008. Further, employers are advised to comply with relevant provisions under the Labour and Employment Relations Act 2013 regarding payment of Public Holiday pay. 

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