Liberation Day in Rwanda in 2025

Liberation Day in Rwanda in 2025
Muhavura and Gahinga Volcanoes shrouded in early morning mist on border of Uganda and Rwanda. Image by John Saunders , via 123RF
  How long until Liberation Day?
Liberation Day
  Dates of Liberation Day in Rwanda
2025 Rwanda Fri, Jul 4 Official Holiday
2024 Rwanda Thu, Jul 4 Official Holiday
2023 Rwanda Tue, Jul 4 Official Holiday
2022 Rwanda Mon, Jul 4 Official Holiday
2021 Jul 4, Jul 5
RwandaMon, Jul 5Official Holiday (in lieu)
RwandaSun, Jul 4Official Holiday

Marks the end of the 100 day Genocide against the Tutsi that took place in 1994.

When is Liberation Day?

Liberation Day is a public holiday in Rwanda, observed on July 4th each year.

This day commemorates the end of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.

History of Liberation Day

The Rwandan genocide was a mass slaughter of Tutsi in this tiny landlocked African country during the Rwandan Civil War. The killing was overseen by members of the Hutu majority government during a 100-day period that lasted from April 7th to July 4th 1994.

It is estimated that up to 1,000,000 Rwandans were killed, constituting an estimated 70% of the Tutsi population. Additionally, 30% of the Pygmy Batwa were killed.

The genocide ended after the Tutsi-backed and heavily armed Rwandan Patriotic Front, led by Paul Kagame, took control of the capital and the country on July 4th 1994.

Liberation Day marks the end of the annual national mourning period that began on April 7th.

Liberation Day takes place a week after Independence Day, which commemorates independence from Belgium on July 1st 1962.

As Independence Day always falls during the national mourning period, Liberation Day is seen as a more appropriate day for celebration.

Today, Rwanda is one of the most prosperous countries in Africa, and Paul Kagame is still in power.

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