Unification Day in Romania in 2025

Unification Day in Romania in 2025
  How long until Unification Day?
Unification Day
  Dates of Unification Day in Romania
2025 Romania Fri, Jan 24 National Holiday
2024 Romania Wed, Jan 24 National Holiday
2023 Jan 23, Jan 24
RomaniaTue, Jan 24National Holiday
RomaniaMon, Jan 23Government Holiday
2022 Romania Mon, Jan 24 National Holiday
2021 Romania Sun, Jan 24 National Holiday

Holiday since 2015. Marks the political union between Wallachia and Moldavia in 1859

When is Unification Day?

Day of the Unification of the Romanian Principalities (Romanian: Ziua Unirii Principatelor Române)  is always celebrated on January 24th. It may also be known as 'Little Union Day'. It celebrates the Union of the Romanian Principalities on this day in 1859.

History of Unification Day

Since the 14th century, Moldavia and Wallachia had been principalities in Eastern Europe. In 1859, Alexandru Ioan Cuza was elected as ruler in both principalities, creating the Union of the Romanian Principalities.

The official name of the country after the union was The Romanian United Principalities. In 1866, it was renamed Romania and then the Kingdom of Romania in 1881.

This unification is seen as a key event in the formation of the Romanian national state. On December 1st 1918, Transylvania, Banat, Crisana and Maramures joined Romania. This second union event is commemorated by Grand Union Day, the National holiday of Romania.

This day only became a public holiday in 2015.

Did you know?

In the 80s, Romanian President Nicolae Ceausescu banned the game Scrabble. He described it as "overly intellectual" and a "subversive evil".

The Day of the Unification of the Romanian Principalities is also celebrated in Moldova.

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