Restoration of the State Day around the world in 2021

Restoration of the State Day around the world in 2021
The state flag of Lithuania features a white knight on his charger. Image via Office Holidays

  Dates of Restoration of the State Day around the world
2022 LithuaniaFeb 16
Lithuania Wed, Feb 16National Holiday
2021 LithuaniaFeb 16
Lithuania Tue, Feb 16National Holiday
2020 LithuaniaFeb 16
Lithuania Sun, Feb 16National Holiday
2019 LithuaniaFeb 16
Lithuania Sat, Feb 16National Holiday
2018 LithuaniaFeb 16
Lithuania Fri, Feb 16National Holiday
The Act of Independence of Lithuania was signed by the Council of Lithuania on February 16th 1918, proclaiming the restoration of an independent State of Lithuania
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When is Restoration of the State Day?

Restoration of the State Day is always celebrated on February 16th.  Also known as Independence Day, this holiday is Lithuania's National Day and marks the act of independence from Germany in 1918.

To avoid any confusion due to the similar names, the next public holiday in Lithuania is Restoration of Independence Day on March 11th, which marks Lithuania independence from the Soviet Union in 1990.

History of Restoration of the State Day

Under King Mindaugas, Lithuania emerged as a state in the 13th century and by the 18th century, Lithuania had become part of the Russian Empire. During the first world war, the country was occupied by German troops as they advanced towards Russia.

With the Russian revolution in 1917, Germany encouraged Lithuanians to determine their future, in the hope they would prefer a union with Germany rather than Russia. Germany supported the establishment of a Council of Lithuania who would decide on Lithuania's future.

Against the wishes of Germany, the Council of Lithuania decided not to align their nation with either Germany or Russia and instead signed the Act of Independence of Lithuania on February 16th 1918. The act proclaimed the restoration of an independent and democratic State of Lithuania, with Vilnius as its capital.

Not surprisingly the publication of the Act was prohibited by the German authorities. It was only when Germany was defeated in November 1918, that the first Cabinet of Lithuania was formed and the council gained control of Lithuania.

How is Restoration of the State Day Celebrated?

As befitting Lithuania's National Day, this holiday is celebrated with great festive spirit, with the whole country festooned in the national colours of yellow, green and red.

Schools, businesses and other organisations remain and people take part in various processions and patriotic events across the nation.

Free concerts organised by Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre take place in the cathedral square in Vilnius. Crowds gather to watch the celebrations while enjoying Lithuanian delicacies such as Cepelinai potato dumplings and Sakotis, a unique-looking hollow cake with spikes.

Did you know?

Three facts about Restoration of the State Day

Of all languages spoken today, Lithuanian is the closest to ancient Sanskrit

Lithuania is the only country in the world with its own official scent called, appropriately enough, the Scent Of Lithuania.

There are more hot air balloons per head of population in Lithuania than in any other country.

More facts about Restoration of the State Day

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